Border Issues

Daily Forecast India – September 6th, 2013

Border Issues

Mercury and Venus have entered in their own houses. Mercury has no affliction because ascendant lord Venus is afflicted by lord of states, finance and Jupiter placed in the house of finance/states. Such position is indicating that Nation will further enter in some issues related to border, finance, fluctuation in Gold, Jewellery industry. Some issues related to Public distribution system may affect the nation. Nation may further be affected with some anti-national activities.

In my earlier posts during month of August 2013, many times I had mentioned infiltration on border by neighboring countries. Now, it is confirmed that on 12-8-2013, China has entered in Indian Territory, and defense Minister will give his statement about this matter in Parliament on 6-9-2013.

In my earlier posts, I had clearly mentioned it’s a tough time ahead. Ascendant lord has entered in the conjunction of Saturn and Rahu, conjunction, although in its own sign, but afflicted by Saturn and Rahu and eighth house lord Jupiter. I will further not rate such period as good period for nation. National debts, may further increase, issues related to neighboring countries may further be increase. Government may not be comfortable after few days. Issues related with states may further increase.

Opposition parties may be in better position in coming days.

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