Tough time ahead

Daily Forecast India – September 3rd, 2013

Tough time ahead

Ascendant lord Venus will move to its own house but with exalted Saturn and Rahu, aspect by eighth house lord Jupiter, indicating that although lord of the nation will be in its own sign but aspect by Jupiter may give some adverse effects on the nation, possibility of more communal issues, terrorist attacks or public unrest etc. It can be a tough period for the leader of nation.

Political parties may gain some more strength and some more scams may come to lime light that may harm image of the leader of nation. I will prefer to say, not a good period for the leader of the nation. Certainly that will affect nation, public, national and harmony.

Financial condition of the country may further fall due to government’s policies etc. Few cabinet ministers may give some statements which may hurt image of the government or may hurt emotions of the public.


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