National Issues or issues related to Religious leader

Daily Forecast India – September 2nd, 2013

National Issues or issues related to Religious leader

Leader of the nation may feel bit better due to some religious matter, because nation will be focusing on religious matter instead of National issues such as corruption, inflation, declining financial condition of the nation. Leader of the nation will protected due to some unexpected or unknown reasons by some political persons.

Ruling party will try to give more importance to religious leader and religious matters, so that public and parliament cannot raise questions on their governance.

Rise in petroleum Products was predicted on 30-08-2013, and government has announced within 72 hours of the prediction. We may see further hike in petroleum rates or some imposed policy by government about petroleum.

Terrorist activities are possible, but one more possibility is there that some more breakthroughs related to such activities can be seen in coming days. We have to be alert for riots, terrorist activities etc.

Media and nation must give more importance to national issues than religious leader(s).

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