Influence of Indian economy and International Market

Daily Forecast – Share Market – August 28th, 2013

Influence of Indian economy and International Market

Jupiter in the house of finance being lord of eighth house indicates that Indian economy may further go down, and will affect Share Market. Because Industrial Production has gone down and Government is trapped in between Political issues, influence from out of India, Public Distribution system, and Rahu indicates national debts due to some wrong doing.

Indian Share Markets may further go down due to own local reasons and effect from International market/reasons.

IT, Infrastructure, Power, and Metals may be better than others. Issues related to Mines may pull back coal or mines related shares. So, this trading will be tricky.


When Indian economy is not doing well, then Indian Rupee has to fall. I do not see any strength in Indian Rupee. Jupiter is indicating that impact of some bills will further affect Indian Rupee in coming days, or we can say due to some policy of government Rupee may further fall/slide in coming days.

Gold, Silver and Copper may further trade in positive zone.

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