Possibility of High rise of Petroleum

Daily Forecast India – August 27th, 2013

Possibility of High rise of Petroleum

As stated yesterday regarding clearance of bills in Parliament, was cleared by lower house. Issues related to foreign policy or neighboring borders may be once again highlighted in the parliament.

Now, focus of the day will be on foreign related, national debt, terrorist activities or some other activities to take care of opposition parties or political parties or some government institution. Government or political persons may try to give some dose or give some tightness to some institutions. Government will certainly give lesson to some government institution, which is showing their power to government or political parties, and harming political interest or other interest of political parties or government.

Jupiter is clearly indicating that in coming days public has to face decline of Indian rupee, because of financial condition and national debt. Petroleum Products may further be costlier, because Jupiter is giving aspect on its own house and Saturn is confirming.

Neighboring Border

Tension on neighboring border can be seen in coming days, and further exchange of fire or artillery is possible.

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