Is India heading for uncomfortable Position?

Daily Forecast India – August 22nd, 2013

Is nation heading for uncomfortable Position?

Ascendant lord is transiting in the house of Public, political parties, but in debilitated sign, and transiting through the Nakshtra of Moon, indications are that Government is showing that they are thinking for the public but Lord of the nation is in debilitated sign so, intentions are not fair. This show-off or feeling or emotions are due to political reasons.

Lord of eighth house is giving aspect on Saturn-Rahu conjunction in the house of national debt, public agitation, disturbance, possibility of terrorist attack, may be with the support of foreign lands. One more possibility is that Vigilance may foil some terrorist activity. But caution is must.

Possibility of increasing disputes related to communal issues – mainly because of political reasons. Saturn and Rahu are conjunct and afflicted by Mars and Jupiter is giving indication for religious trend in some disturbance. It’s wise to take precaution while making any statement even on Media or by media. Media should also not promote such statements – because Mars is placed in the house of neighbouring nation, media and communication etc.

Saturn and Mars are exchanging aspect – indications are that further increasing tension with the neighbouring nations. Exchange of artillery and heavy shells are possible and further violation of our border by neighbouring country on any side.

Jupiter lord of eighth house and lord of Treasury is placed in the house of finance,  and giving aspect on the lord of parliament, and public distribution system, I believe, since Saturn is neither giving any connectivity to house of treasury nor to lord of treasury, but nakshtra of these two planets are same – indicating that Treasury Bench (ruling party) may be able to  clear this bill, but not in a proper manner, they may play some activity or some disturbance in the house of parliament to clear this bill (Rahu is involved).

Regarding this public supply distribution – I feel that nation may have to face another scam related to this PSD or some other disturbance.

Issue related to Aviation may also be highlighted or some news related to aviation or transport will be important.

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