Daily Forecast India – August 14th, 2013

Daily Forecast India – August 14th, 2013

Ascendant lord Venus is transiting through the house of public, opposition parties, media, entertainment etc. but afflicted by Mars lord of partnership, support, army, import-export etc. We may see some issues among the parties who are align to the ruling party or opposition parties, but equation may be change or some difference of opinion can be seen.

Issues related to the nation or head of the nation can be highlighted and possibility of indications that head of the nation may feel or reflect that head of the nation is losing support. Bills related to political parties may be cleared, because Venus is giving aspect on the house of bills.

As mentioned in my post of August 12th 2013, regarding issues related Aviation, on August 13th, 2013 report by CAG, related to Augusta Chopper deal is laid on the table of Parliament.

It’s not a good time for the nation, because Jupiter is lord of eighth house and is giving aspect on the combination of Rahu and Saturn in the house of disturbance, health related and loan etc. related issues. As indicated in my past posts that disturbance related to internal terrorist activities as well we have to alert on external terrorist activities.

Possibilities of natural calamities, weather disturbances are possible in next 72 hrs.

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