Daily Forecast India – August 5th, 2013

Daily Forecast India – August 5th, 2013

India is passing through the Mahadasha of Sun, Anterdasha and Pratyanter of Mecury and Sukshma dasha of Jupiter. Three planets (Moon, Mars and Mercury) are also transiting through the Nakshtra of Jupiter; Mercury is Anter and Pratyanter dasha lord. Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu are transiting through the Nakshtra of Rahu. Indications are that eighth and eleventh house lord Jupiter and Rahu (placed in sixhth house) conjunct with Saturn Lord of Judiciary and Parliament are going to play some important role. Mahadasha lord is transiting through the nakshtra of Mercury, combination of Mahadasha lord and Anter/Pratyanter dasha lord is very strong. Indicating that Judiciary is going to give some important decisions or guide lines, which may further affect political system or politicians of the nation.

Transit Jupiter is giving aspect on Saturn and Rahu (transiting) in sixth house of the horoscope, I feel before May 2014, some scam or big news may come in to lime light related to Public distribution system. Or in current days too some more issues may come into lime light.

Disturbance related to international boarder, or some internal activities may hurt internal security system or some terrorist activities may affect nation. It’s a period of public unrest.

Eighth lord is conjunct with Mars – lord of seventh and 12th house indicating some disturbance with neighbouring boarder areas.

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