Astrology Prediction : Query by TI,from Chennai (India)

Name : TI
Date of Birth : 18-12-1995
Time of Birth : 22:25 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Chennai (India)
Query : Will he lead a happy life-soul,mind,body & speak good-surrounded by good people.
He gets hurt(physically-accidents, pain, ….) and become emotional also.
Will he share his feelings, happenings in life and respect mother?

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
Such queries can be replied properly by study in depth.
1. Leo ascendant and lord Sun is placed in the house of Purvakarma with the lord of Poorvkarma, education and lord of miseries, mysteries and longevity – Jupiter (total combust), Mercury and Mars. Because of such combination he is bit disturbed (even physically also)
2. Currently he is passing through Mahadasha of Jupiter being lord of eighth house (lord of Longevity, miseries, mysteries) and lord of Poorv karma, he is facing such issues (according to Birth chart).
My suggestion is to read Vishnusahsranaam.
Navmansha chart and other related divisional charts can give more information about his horoscope. I have not tested these charts.

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