Effect of Various planets in Eleventh House

Various Planets in Eleventh House


Rich & wealthy, enjoys majestic life, high position in government, intelligent, follower of principle, devoted, faithful, faith in family, fortunate, easy success, photography, family business, industry related – to wool, gold, jewellery/ornament, financial institution, auditing accounts of share market etc. According to Hora shastra person will be very rich, enjoying good employees, and in good books of the ruler/employer.


Wealthy, kind hearted, gentle, well mannered, aristocratic, enjoys landed property, many female will support, attachment with art and literature, enjoys great reputation, income from – land, agriculture, milk, wine, coffee, refreshment room, pearl, fish etc. According to Hora shastra – person will be modest, shy, intelligent and wealthy.


Influential, highly placed in society, enjoys landed property, great orator, intelligent, wealthy and cunning, Income from – medicine, chemicals, land, minerals, metal, sports and strong will power. According to horashastra – enjoys excellent qualities.


Intelligent, expert in many fields, knowledge of science, sharp mind, enjoys luxuries, wealthy, honest, happy person, income from – Mathematics, astrology, science – research, business, trading etc. According to Horashastra – writing, teaching, and research scholar, loved by opposite sex persons or dear to them and well-mannered.


According to Horashastra – gain from various sources, extremely rich and leader of a caste/group. Intelligent, well-mannered, rich-wealthy person, enjoys many luxuries, have many friends and fond of music, religious, god fearing and dependent on other persons. Books, publications, religious and believes in charity.


Rich and wealthy person, fond of travelling, loves company of opposite sex persons, popular and enjoys many friends, loves theatre, dance, music, and enjoys friendship of many opposite sex persons, income from – hotel business, cosmetics, beauty parlour, cinema/film business, coffee parlour – bar, wine shop, vehicle related. Very knowledgeable, enjoys sympathy, profit and satisfaction.


Many persons may work under natal. Income from Politics, fun loving, few friends, interruption in education, enjoys land and property, income from – industry, manufacturing of bricks, printing press, solid materials, instruments related to oil refinery, mines, labour, iron etc.

Rahu (North Node)

Famous personality, rich and wealthy, educated, possibility of leader for infantry army etc. enjoys property at foreign lands, possibility of some issue in ear, leader of lower class/labour etc. can enjoy benefits from agriculture and producing other materials.

Ketu (South Node)

Person can enjoy of unexpected gains from lottery, imaginative, and gain from share market. He/she will be well-mannered/cultured and successful person. Mentally and by heart nice person and enjoys luxurious travel of many areas.

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