Eleventh House Lord in Various Houses

Eleventh House Lord in Various Houses

Eleventh House Lord in Ascendant – Natal will be wealthy by birth and he/she himself/herself will be capable of earning wealth. Accumulation of wealth or strength of eleventh house lord will give information about wealth of the natal. For example, eleventh house lord is in exalted sign and powerful then such position indicates that natal is born in very rich and wealthy family (born with silver spoon).

Eleventh House Lord in Second House – According to Parashar, eleventh house lord with second house lord in second house indicates that – such position gives abundant wealth/money etc. Natal may live with his/her elder sibling. Further natal can capable of earn money from financial institutions and big commercial organizations. Natal can be a great Orator. Auspicious planets in second house give good results whereas malefic planets will give adverse results.

Eleventh House Lord in Third House – Natal will be youngest among all the siblings. Natal will rise with own efforts, and has to give extra effort for achievement. Natal will be benefitted from siblings. Although natal will support from neighbours and friends also, but in case of affliction results will be reversed.

Eleventh House Lord in Fourth House – This position indicates that – Natal will be auspicious for mother. Natal will enjoy landed property and earn profits from property. Natal will enjoy happiness and good life. Natal will be a well-educated and reputed person.

Fourth house is eighth from eighth house that means house of longevity for eighth house, and eleventh house is fourth from eighth house and eleventh house is linked with fourth house – house of happiness. That means natal can enjoy all happiness of life.

Eleventh House Lord in Fifth House – Eleventh house lord gives aspect to its own house of gains and achievements. It’s a dhanyog, and the   native will   have immense gains and general prosperity. Natal will enjoy good children, good memory and well known for his/her education or educational field. Natal will be capable or expert of anticipation and enjoys sacred force. Natal will earn money, wealth and property etc.

In case of afflicted eleventh house lord in fifth house indicates that natal can be a gambler. Children may be affected.

Eleventh House Lord in Sixth House – Lord of the house in eighth house from its own house, this sixth house is known for illness, loan, court cases, cousins and maternal uncle etc. this position indicates that gains to this house. In case of auspicious connections – gains from this house, great competitiveness, and gains from enemies too but in case of affliction then can give adverse effects.

If this house has a connection with Saturn then possibility of loss from workers/employees, in case of connection with Sun, indicates that loss from government, connection with Venus will indicate wrong thinking, connection with Mars will give injuries and with Jupiter can give loss of money etc.

Eleventh House Lord in Seventh House – Lord of gains in the house of spouse, indicates that either gains to spouse or gains from spouse. Possibility of marriage with rich spouse is more. Since this house represents desires so will indicate or increase lustful and passionate nature of natal. Possibility of marriage with rich spouse in foreign land is also there.

Auspicious connections will give good results, but affliction can indicate spouse may have doubtful character.

Eleventh House Lord in Eighth House – Lord of Gains in inheritance, succession, secret issues, longevity and illness, such position indicates that gains from inheritance, succession, secret issues and longevity etc. but if this lord of afflicted then can give loss from natural calamities, thieves and imposters/cheats etc.

Eleventh house is known for Mangalya, so will increase their mangalya but cannot be good for male persons.

Eleventh House Lord in Ninth House – Eleventh house lord in eleventh house from its own position – in the house of fortune, father, long travels and religion etc. forming dhan yog, gains from elder siblings, rich-wealthy and fortunate person. Natal may enjoy inherited property from father and all facilities in life. Religious nature and kind hearted person. Natal will also give gains or happiness to his father. Eleventh house lord in debilitated sign is also capable of giving gains.

Natal will enjoy long travels. Natal can become traveller/tourist.

Eleventh House Lord in Tenth House – Lord of gains and achievements in the house of profession, such position indicates that natal will have good gains and achievements from profession. He/she will earn name-fame and position from profession. Natal will be in a position to help others to achieve success in their life. Natal will help to other persons.

Eleventh House Lord in Eleventh House – Lord of the house in its own house, giving strength to the house and signification of the house, such position indicates that natal will enjoy all type of physical facilities etc. Natal will be a rich person, happy life, many friends and will enjoy support and blessings from family. Day by day natal will enjoy happiness. Link of the house with ascendant, fifth, ninth and second house is excellent.

Lord of the house in its own house will increase desires, if linkage with sixth or eighth house then bad desires will increase.

Malefic planet in this house is good but malefic aspect can give malefic desires.

Eleventh House Lord in Twelfth House – Lord of gains in the house of expenses, foreign lands, hospital, prison, scandals etc. such position indicates that natal can enjoy gains from foreign lands, hospital, prison etc. Natal can have export import business and can make good profit from this position.

Natal will also enjoy bedroom pleasure, but connection with seventh house lord in this house can give multiple marriages.

Natal will have expenses on the higher side.

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