Query by Kusumlata, from Jaipur (India)

Name : Kusumlata
Date of Birth : 25-4-1984
Time of Birth : 23:33 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Jaipur (India)
Query : Query : Can my marriage be saved or is divorce imminent

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Sagittarius ascendant and lord Jupiter is placed in its own house, indicating that you must reduce some weight if you have because of your eating habits. Saturn is afflicting ascendant lord. indications are that because of Kutum (nucleus family) etc. you may be disturbed.
2. Spouse house is blessed by Jupiter, but Mars is afflicting spouse house, and Saturn is afflicting combust and retrograde Mercury – spouse house lord. Although Jupiter is trying to protect or bless this spouse house and spouse lord. But spouse lord is combust and retrograde.
3. Mahadasha lord Saturn is afflicting ascendant lord and spouse house lord. This period is for 16 years remaining. You are trying to protect or Jupiter is (lord of your family too) is trying to protect this marriage.
I can understand your situation, but Venus exalted in the house of your happiness is indicating that you may miss happiness.
Retrograde Mercury is indicating possibility of revert of your marriage – means separation, but it will depend on you heavily, because Jupiter is lord of you.
Take care of your bedroom area.
Because of free service I had not tested divisional charts.

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