Query by Adip, from Lucknow (India)

Name : Adip
Date of Birth : 30-3-1980
Time of Birth : 04:35 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Lucknow (India)
Query : sir i did mba, i want to know when will i get job?

1. Aquarius ascendant and lord Saturn is retrograde and conjunct with Jupiter (retrograde) lord of finance and gains, Mars (retrograde) lord of profession house, Moon lord of house of health, loan, competitiveness, disturbance and service but in Rahu-Ketu axis.
2. you are passing through Mahadasha of Rahu, Anterdasha of Ketu – ketu is conjunct with the lord of education and miseries (in ascendant). Indicates that disturbance or non satisfaction and distracted focus in your work.
3. I feel that better period for profession may start after April 2014.
I have not tested dashmansha chart.

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