Daily Forecast India – July 3rd, 2013

Daily Forecast India – July 3rd, 2013

Jupiter will be rising at 09:34 Hrs. (IST), and movement for us of Saturn will be very low, because on 08-07-2013, Saturn will start transiting direct. Judiciary may give some decisions but can be delayed or will be important after 08-07-2013.

Scam/issues related to Aviation, Transport (Railways), or communication Industry may be in the lime light. Ascendant lord Venus is afflicted by slow moving Saturn (retrograde). Saturn represents government, parliament and Judiciary, and Venus is representing Head of the nation or main power of nation. This position indicates that Leader of the nation or head of the nation is afflicted by Saturn. Some issue may come in the lime light in coming days.

Some issue related to Public distribution system is expected.

Weather disturbance, natural calamities or calamities because of human (globally) are possible in coming days 05-07-2013 to 72 hours from 08-07-2013 (11:33 Hrs IST) ie. 11-7-2013. Terrorist activities, or activities related to vigilance or issues related to vigilance will be important issues, which may affect for the coming period of the nation.

It’s not a good period for common man in the nation.

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