Daily Forecast India – June 24th, 2013

Daily Forecast India – June 24th, 2013

Mercury is moving very slow, and close to retrograde position, on 26-06-2013 Mercury will start transiting in retrograde position. As on date Mercury lord of common man or public is not in a strong position although is transiting in its own house. Eighth house and lord of gains and achievement house lord is combust, just one Navmansha away from Sun, giving aspect to retrograde Saturn, Rahu in sixth house. This position further indicates that position for layman, labour, terrorist attack  and calamities etc. is not good for nation.

Mars is also afflicting eighth house, indicating some unexpected events, that may affect nation or national head or public.

Globally, current period is not good, because Jupiter is combust and Mercury is close to retrograde so weather disturbance is expected.

Religious house lord and Judiciary house lord is afflicted by combust Jupiter. This position is not good for political situation too.

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