Query by Bharthi, from Chennai (India)

Name : Bharthi
Date of Birth : 07-01-1972
Time of Birth : 04:00 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Chennai (India)
Question : Do I have the possibility to buy a own house either independently or by the help of sons.

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Scorpio ascendant and lord Mars is placed in the house of children, forming Rajyog (ascendant lord in trine – may be due to education, children or related issues of fifth house). Lord of the house Jupiter is placed in the house of finance, forming dhanyog (but Jupiter is just 0 degree and 09 minutes old – not effective). I understand that your mind and focus is too much in your children, but expect reasonably, I do not mean to say that they will not reciprocate to you but, being a nice mother, you must do your job, and in return do not expect.
2. Regarding your query of own house – house of home, assets and happiness in Paapkartari, but lord of the house is placed in the house of spouse, indications are that current Dasha sequence is Jupiter/Saturn – Mahadasha lord Jupiter is just 0 deg and 09 mins old, so is not in a position of giving you its full results. Secondly Jupiter and Saturn are placed at 6-8 house distance. Next sequence is also Jupiter-Mercury and Mercury is winner in planetary war with Mahadasha lord Jupiter, Mercury is also 0 degree and 09 mins old in this house.
I donot think during Mahadasha of Jupiter you may be in a position to have house in your own name.


  1. Thanks Anoop for the clarification. By nature, I just do my duty and do not expect much from others but currently not able to concentrate anything.

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