Daily Forecast India – June 6th, 2013

Daily Forecast India – June 6th, 2013

India is passing through Mahadasha of Sun, Anterdasha of Saturn and Pratyanterdasha of Jupiter till 14-7-2013; Sun is transiting from the ascendant of natal chart with Mars. Anterdasha lord is transiting retrograde and conjunct with Rahu, affecting Public distribution system, indicating some disputes or discussions or some other issues related to Public Distribution System.

Gold and Petroleum products may affect public because of government or because of their policy or this may affect public in the long term.

Some more issues related to entertainment industry or sports may come in lime light, it may also affect media industry (possibly) but media is strong so that may not come to lime light.

Three planets are transiting through the nakshtra of Rahu, conjunct with Anterdasha lord Saturn that may give some extra effect on mass agitation, terrorist activities, public distribution system, medical/hospitalization and documents storing system. We must take care for documents storage system (to check hacking of documents etc.)

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