Daily Forecast India – May 14th, 2013

Daily Forecast India – May 14th, 2013

India is passing through Mahadasha of Sun, Anterdasha of Saturn and Pratyanter dasha of Rahu (North Node) till 16-5-2013. Mercury is coming out of total combust position ie. out of one Navmamsha. This position indicates that opposition parties will get some gains some strength. But still issues related to partnership among political parties will be affected.

Sun will move out of its exalted sign in the night and will move to the ascendant of the horoscope of nation and conjunct with the eighth house lord Jupiter. Indications are that this position may give some trouble to the Ruler of nation that means may be to the Prime minister or to the group of cabinet minister. Sun represents Ruler of the nation, and lord of fourth house Sun in ascendant – again whole Cabinet (Entire Ministers) is conjunct with the lord of eighth house, it’s not a good position for the Cabinet and ruler.

Opposition parties are also in the connection with eighth house as well lord of public is also with eighth house, indicates not a good position for the nation (politically) and even for the public also.

Weather disturbance is expected as well natural calamity (globally) is also expected within next 48 hrs.

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