Query by Salma, from Karachi (Pakistan)

Name : Salma
Date of Query : 02-05-2013
Time of Query : 09:39 Hrs (LST)
Place of Query : Karachi (Pakistan)
Query : I have talked with him few times on facebook.we know each other’s family and we have seen each other many times.personally,I have an intetest in him.I like him as a person but ,does not know what does he feel about me.
I do not know if he or his family like me for marriage ? I really want to know what does he feel for me or what are his feelings for me?
Will he contact me or talk about marriage soon?

According to Vedic astrology, at the time you have raised this query, my observations are as follows:
1. At the time you have raised this query it is Gemini ascendant (dual sign) and at 13d +, indications are situation is stable. Lord of ascendant is placed with relationship lord Venus, communication (web) lord Sun, and disturbance lord Mars (combust).
2. Ascendant is forming indirect relationship with spouse lord because Jupiter is transiting from the Nakshtra of Mars, placed with ascendant. Mars is combust.
Hence I feel relationship is fine, but regarding spouse (marriage), I feel some disturbances are there, so I am not positive about marriage. Your specific query is soon, so my response is accordingly.

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