Query by Ambili, from Pathanamthitta (India)

Name : Ambili
Date of Birth : 26-2-1975
Time of Birth : 15:30 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Pathanamthitta (India)
Query : I have opened a ladies showroom recently but it is not running well. what would be my business. future ? I have started my business on 11-11-2012 .It is located in 1st floor(south face ).Now i am thinking to shift ground floor.but this finical crisis.panditji shall i sell this or to continue this, i am eagrly waiting for ur replay. plz help me.

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Cancer ascendant and lord Moon is placed in the house of finance, forming good relationship with finance, but exchanging finance house lord Sun, placed in eighth house, indicating ups and downs in finance.
2. Currently you are passing through Mahadasha of Rahu, Anterdasha of Jupiter and Pratyanter dasha of Saturn, lord of seventh house and eighth house, placed in the house of Saturn. Indications are female related, but lord Saturn is placed in the house of expenses or from foreign. Either your expenses are high or products are related to foreign country.
3. Time may connect you with foreign lands or you may try for export-import based trade.
But ups and downs, you have to face. You have to understand importance of your involvement with foreign relationship.
Time is round the corner.
Regarding Vaastu, I am not providing any consultation.

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