Daily Forecast India – March 5th, 2013

Daily Forecast India – March 5th, 2013

India is passing through Mahadasha of Sun, Anterdasha of Saturn and Pratyanter dasha of Moon till 7-3-2013. Three planets are transiting through the nakshtra of Jupiter, importantly Mahadasha lord Sun, Mars just moved in to Pisces and in Jupiter forming double relationship with Jupiter and Rahu.

Rahu has become more important because Anterdasha lord Saturn, ascendant lord Venus and Public related planet and combust Mercury are transiting through this planet (node).

Indications are clear that some mass disturbance, heading for religion or lingual related is/are possible. Better to say some anti-national activities are possible. This activity may disturb harmony among the states or religion etc.

Party in power may feel safe because Mahadasha lord is giving aspect to its own house and strengthening the house. Possibilities of some disturbance or some changes in relationship among the opposition parties are possible.

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