Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – December 13th, 2012

Share Market and India – December 13th, 2012


  1. Ascendant Lord Venus in transit is in the closest degrees of Rahu (North Node) – within 1 degree distance. Venus is defeated in planetary war with Rahu and badly influenced by Rahu. Durdhura yog is also formed, so situation is not comfortable. Five planets are focusing nation that include opposition parties, supporting parties and public opinion too. It’s not a comfortable situation for the central government and nation.
  2. Mercury is transiting through the Nakshtra of Saturn; this indicates that there may be some judiciary based decision will be important. Bank related bill is expected but Venus is engaged in planetary war, so today because of some reason, this bill may not be cleared.
  3. Regarding Congress, five planets are transiting from its house of fortune and durdhara yog is also formed. I don’t think in today’s election position they will be comfortable, they may have to face some internal fighting (within the party). Regarding BJP, Panchgrahi yog is formed in the house of enemies, and durdhara yog is formed around that, I think, they are in a position to handle their opponents comfortably (in today’s election).
  4. Possibility of strong wind because majority of planets are transiting from the Prachand and Vayu nadi. That may reduce humidity from the atmosphere.

Share Market

  1. Although Venus is in Planetary war with Rahu (North Node) and is defeated, but in coming days Venus is coming out of Rahu’s range. I think for today’s trading, be watchful. Mercury will try to pull up this market, where as Venus will not permit positivity. So, again without giving any direction or better to say directionless market.
  2. Profit booking for Gold is expected, Indian rupee may be down. Bank related bill may not be in a position to be cleared in Parliament.
  3. Moon is in the closest degrees of Sun, means Amavsya, Moon in India’s horoscope indicates – position related to Media, IT, Travel, Transport may be down. Vehicles and Infrastructure may be in comfortable position.
  4. On 17-12-2012, market may be positive.

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