Share Market and India – December 10th, 2012

Share Market and India – December 10th, 2012


  1. Ascendant Lord Venus is transiting in its Mooltrikone (own sign), with exalted Saturn and Moon. Except Planets are revolving around sixth and seventh house of the India’s horoscope. Only two planets are transiting through the Nakshtra of Jupiter. That position indicates that nation is revolving around foreign related trades, PDS and judiciary.
  2. Lord of the house of Parliament is transiting through the lord of Public and opposition parties. That means that Parliament may be dominated by opposition party’s domination or some other reasons.
  3. Public’s interest related to foreign related trades is misled by someone, since Sun is also with Rahu, and Sun indicates government, so some issues related to this misled information may come to the notice of public.

Share Market

  1. Venus is still is transiting through the Mooltrikone sign, and will move to Scorpio sign at 15:31 Hrs (IST). Be careful for the profit booking.
  2. Venus is inching towards Rahu that indicates a tricky market. Any time market can deceive or mislead. Invest according to the company. Today again can trade in positive zone, but I will recommend only for aggressive traders to move, otherwise be watchful. Impact of foreign markets will be evident.
  3. Shares related to Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals will be better.
  4. Rupee value will be marginally affected. But stock related retail market will be positive.

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  1. As predicted, Parliament was dominated by Opposition. Because of FDI, Walmart has given information that to enter in India they have incurred Rs. 125 Cror within last four years.
    Share Market
    Almost flat, Sensex (-) 0.07% low and Nifty (+) 0.03% up.
    Still period for profit booking is on.

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