Query by Zafar, from Izmir (Turkey)

Name : Zafar

Date of Birth : 28-10-1987
Time of Birth : 08:10 Hrs. (LST)
Place of Birth : Izmir (Turkey)
Query :  Sir,please analyse when I will marry and how she will be? What is the effect of my 7th house lord in 12 with ketu?

According to Vedic Astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Libra ascendant, and is placed in between two malefic planets (Paapkartari yog) – Mars and Saturn. No, auspicious aspects on ascendant. Disturbance due to family reason and bedroom or foreign land related issues or expenses or may be all.
2. Ascendant  Lord is placed in its own sign, with Sun and Combust Mercury. Both are giving malefic impact on ascendant lord and ascendant. Mercury being lord of Bedroom, foreign land, expenses and hermitage is in ascendant but combust, can not give you proper results, rather will spoil your own strength of happiness and charm.
3. Spouse house lord is Mars and placed in 12th house. After marriage relationship with foreign lands or work from foreign land (but probably non-Muslim country).
4. Your spouse will be aggressive bay nature in bedroom, since, Mercury is lord of Bedroom a neutral planet and is combust. Indicates that because of any reason, you may not be enjoying bedroom happiness, probably due to religious or medical reasons. Or due to residing in foreign lands.


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