Astrology Prediction : Query by Venky, from Vijaywada (india)

Name : Venky
Date of Birth : 5-9-1982
Time of Birth : 15:45 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Vijayawada (India)

Query : i am suffering with health problem from last 16months. beacuse of this my career and personal life affected.when will ibecome normal and go with happy life.

According to Vedic astrology, my observations are as follows:
1. Capricorn ascendant, Lord Saturn is also lord of finance is placed in the house of fortune. Good dhanyog and Rajyog. But is in Paapkartari, so you may not get proper advantage, but you will be benefited.
2. Lord of 3rd house is placed in the house of fortune, again is afflicting, but if you can connect your profession with Judiciary, you will get advantage of the same situation. Since lord of sixth house is afflicted in ninth house possibility is you may suffer some legal issues.
3. Profession house lord Venus is placed in eighth house, so possibility of change of job, but is placed with Sun, you can try for government job, you may feel some disturbance but will be stable.
4. Jupiter and Mars will give you great focus for Profession as well family life.
5. Your spouse house is also in paapkartari. So, either delay in marriage or disturbance.

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