Query by Khristine, Bronx,New York (USA)

Name : Khristin

Time of Question Received : 07:41 Hrs (IST)
Place of Receiving Question: New Delhi (India)
Question : should i worry about my current relationship?and will it turn into a love relationship?
his stuff is 5-27-91 born in bayamon puerto rico, i don’t know his time

According to Horary (Vedic astrology)
1. Ascendant Lord Venus is in the house of gains, and in the Nakshtra of Venus.
2. Spouse house lord is placed in second next to ascendant. No relationship with ascendant Lord.
3. Love house lord is in the Nakshtra of Rahu (NN), which is placed with Spouse lord.
4. I think, Question is for long relationship, but the person, who has asked, is not sure and keen for long relationship.
5. If you are serious in this relationship, then may be you can have long relationship.

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