Query By Kamlesh, Halfmoon, NEW YORK, (USA.)

Name : Kamlesh
Date of Birth : 10-7-2012
Time of Birth : 10:50 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Mehsana (India)
Query : Currently I’m located at Halfmoon, NEW YORK, 12118,USA.

I’ve been out of job since last five plus months and desperately looking for new job.

Question: Is there will be end of this stressful life soon?
I mean could you please tell me, when and where (I mean to relocate) I’ll get new job?

Thanks for your precious prediction in advance.

According Vedic Astrology, my observations are as follows:
1. Leo Ascendant and ascendant Lord Sun is placed in the house of gains and desires. Ascendant Lord is blessed by Jupiter.
2. You are passing through Mahadasha of Mercury and Sub dasha of Mercury, and Sub/Sub dasha is Venus.
3. Venus is Lord of the house of profession, mercury is lord of gains and finances.
4. I think you have to avail some new profile or responsibility.
5. Possibility of Job is on. Be confidant, your this time is till 13-2-2013.


  1. Hi Anoop,

    Thank you so much for quick reply.

    During this last five months of unemployment, I’ve started to learn Astrology and I do have great passion to learn it in detail. I’m still at very basic step, i.e. twelve houses, their sign and ruling planets, etc… But not sure still about how planet move or change houses.

    • Possibility of Job is on. Be confidant, your time is till 13-2-2012. – I think this is a typo -error, it should be Feb 13th 2013?
    • I think you have to avail some new profile or responsibility – I’m not sure what you mean by this?
    Regarding Mercury, I know it has been moved from Jan 25, 2012 and will stay until Jan 24, 2029 (~17 Years), but not sure which house he is in at this time? As that same time, I was under impression that, Mercury is good for Beginning of Business venture and communication related education/job. Is it true? If it is, then when should I try to start my business, and it should be solo or with partnership?
    My Sincere thanks for your time and consideration.

    Looking forward to learn more from you and would like to have reach communication.

    With kind regards,


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