Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – October 10th, 2012

Share Market and India – October 10th, 2012

India is passing through Mahadasha of Sun, Anterdasha of Saturn, Pratyanter dasha is Mercury, Sukshma dasha – Moon Lord of third house


  1. Ascendant Lord Venus is placed in the house of power, government and in its own nakshtra. But this house also indicates – happiness, land, hotel, agriculture. Issues related to land, hotel and agriculture will be in figure. Lord of this house is placed in fifth house, which indicates – Opposition, public etc. opposition parties may be more aggressive.
  2. Ascendant is occupied by 8th house lord Jupiter which is Retrograde (on the curve) in transit and Ketu. Again indications are for more scandals or scam related to treasury may come to lime light.
  3. After 12:22 Sun will move to chitra Nakshtra (Mars Lord). Government may take some steps for foreign related matter or some trade related issues (till Sun is in transit in chitra).
  4. Moon is in the Nakshtra of Saturn, which is placed in sixth house with Mercury. Issues related to some communication related company may come to lime light. Relation is with violation of laws and link is with 7th house too. That means some issues related to foreign investment and retail industry.
  5. Antisocial elements may harm religious harmony. It’s not a good period in this respect.
  6. Judiciary has to interfere in some scams or scandals.

Share Market

  1. Possibility of some strength in the Market. Indian Rupee may also gain some strength.
  2. Be careful, use proper skills and book profit in time.
  3. This period can show sudden disturbance in market or some scam etc. or due to some un-disclosed reasons.
  4. Moon lord of fourth house in the Nakshtra of Saturn. Moon indicates – Communication, Media, IT etc. I feel some communication company may be exposed due to some financial issues – may be due to violation of some laws (Saturn in India’s horoscope indicates law-judiciary). Saturn is in the Nakshtra of Mars, placed in 7th house enjoying lordship of seventh and house of foreign lands.

That means – Issues will be related to some foreign related agreement and Mercury is involved with Saturn, indicates – Violation of some financial matter. Be careful with communication company which has foreign – financial investment.

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  1. Share market was in down trend.
    Issue related Wall Mart and Bharti has come to lime light, because of some issues related to financial investment without proper knowledge of RBI. I mentioned communication company – due top violation of law.

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