Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – October 9th, 2012

Share Market and India – October 9th, 2012

India is passing through Mahadasha of Sun, Anterdasha of Saturn, Pratyanter dasha is Mercury, Sukshma dasha – Venus Lord of ascendant and sixth house and Prandasha – Sun Lord of fourth  house and placed in fifth house.

Transit : Moon in Punarvasu Nakshtra and will move to Pushya, means Nakshtra lord in second half of the day will Saturn (placed in sixth house) and Venus will enter in the Nakshtra of PurvashPhalgulni, in own Nakshtra.


  1. Ascendant Lord in fourth house, but in the Nakshtra of Ketu and Sukshma dasha is Venus. So, this past of dasha is important. Some issues related to land, minerals & infrastructure etc. which are disturbing nation, will be sorted out after late evening or process will start. Because after 17:44 Hrs Venus will enter in its own house.
  2. Sun is Mahadasha Lord of Indian birth chart, so impact of Sun is there and Sun is transiting from fifth house – house of Public, education, educational institution, Intelligence, Opposition parties are affected (Positively at times negatively) Sun is as on date is Prandasha, so some news related to Land, position, party or important person may be lime lighted by opposition party.
  3. Anterdasha is Saturn Lord of Ninth house and tenth house – enjoying lordship of house of Judiciary and Parliament. Saturn is placed in sixth house, here Saturn indicates scams, and scandals are exposed after the working of Judiciary. So, we can expect some more issues, not only now but in long run also.
  4. Mercury is lord of Fifth and second house, transiting through sixth house and in Pratyanter dasha, will certainly raise issues related to Banks or finances.
  5. Moon will transit after 12.00 in the Nakshtra of Saturn – Placed in sixth house, news related to some scam or emotions of nation will be diverted due to some news related to scam.

Share Market

  1. Lord of Share Market is passing through sixth house, so I will not recommend for positive side of Share market. Mercury’s Nakshtra is enjoying lord ship of Rahu, hence again some mysterious reasons or foreign influence may affect share market.
  2. Be watchful, areas of focus – Land, Infrastructure & Minerals are better. Engineering may be better. Some news related to Airlines will not be so good. But overall time for travel and transport will be better.
  3. Indian rupee may gain strength after 17:44 Hrs. (IST).
  4. Book your profits timely. Not a good period for Share Market.


  1. One more scandal is exposed by Aaj Tak on date against wife of a Minister in UP through NGO.

    Now Share Market : I agree that sensex and Nifty at the time of opening or at the mid time of the market was quite high. But further was down.

    Now time has come, to take care of your money and book profit in time. Otherwise one can loose a big money.

  2. As this blog is mentioning from the beginning that more scam or scandal will be exposed during this period – dasha – transit etc. Again there is one more details are exposed by Mr. Arvind Kejariwal.
    Period is on till Transit of Jupiter on Ascendant of India. This has seriously started from 5-10-2012, so I suppose, matter will seriously raised till 28-1-2013. Dasha of Sun and Saturn is indicating exposure of more scam in the knowledge of public, because Mahadasha Lord Sun is placed in fifth house of India’s Horoscope and Saturn is placed in sixth house of India’s Horoscope.

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