Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – October 5th, 2012

Share Market and India – October 5th, 2012

India is passing through Mahadasha of Sun, Anterdasha of Saturn

Pratyanter dasha is Mercury, Sukshma dasha – Venus and Prandasha – Ketu

  1. Mahadasha Lord Sun is and Anter dasha Mercury is in 6th house.
  2. Mercury represent Banks, finance and Share market, where as Saturn is representing in this chart Judiciary and Parliament, Prime Minister etc. Sixth house indicates – Public Distribution system, agitation and dissatisfaction etc. Saturn also indicates – Scandals.
  3. Above point is also giving some indication that within this dasha – we must be prepared for some more scandals to come up in lime light. If, involvement of Banks or Share market will be highlighted then I will not be surprised. Some scandal related to public distribution system or something like that may come to lime light.
  4. Judiciary has to play some role.

Share Market

  1. In my earlier post I had clearly mentioned that Impact of foreign related issues will be there. Today again some movement will be seen.
  2. Since Lord of Treasury Jupiter is lord of eighth house and house of gains is placed in ascendant and is retrograde and forming good yog with Moon. But afflicted by Mars. Indicates – be watchful. Timely book your profits.
  3. Indian Rupee is becoming strong, because of FDI, it may be stronger, but again because of Jupiter with Ketu, I will prefer to be watchful.
  4. Again infrastructure, land, fertilizer, irrigation may give some profit.


  1. A news related to DLF and Robert Vadra by Arvind kejariwal indicates some scam or some practice.
    Since last few days it is in the prediction of India. Further scams can come to notice of public till 28th of Jan, 2013

  2. Although Sensex closed at 119.69 down, and Nifty closed at 40.65%.
    As it was predicted since last four days to be watchful in trading. it was also predicted that there is possibility of some activity. According to NSE, it was some technical fault, but they will do inquiry. It was a drop of Nifty from 5772 points to 4946 points and within fifteen mins back to 5625 points. Total turnover within this period was Rs 650 cr by Emkay broker and Rs. 1100 cr. by FIIs (trigger was on).
    But at close share for Infrastructure, builders and fertilizer were in positive zone.

  3. Share Market – Nifty fall from 5772 to 4946.02 points due to some block deal by Emkay for Rs. 650 cr. and due to that FII – sold Rs. 1100 cr. worn NIfty or triggers were on. (According to NSE)
    That’s what i said in my post that possibility of scandal…. and I warned to be careful, and book your profit in time. again within 15 mins market was at 5625 point (Nifty), and within 25 mins was at 5803 point (Nifty)
    Matter will be investigated.

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