Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – October 3rd, 2012

Share Market and India – October 3rd, 2012

  1. Three planets are transiting in the Nakshtra of Moon and Moon is placed in 12th house of India’s Horoscope (Transit).
  2. That indicates even results are positive but will not feel happy or satisfied – as it has happened in India’s Victory over South Africa case. India won, but no enjoyment and could not enjoy fruits of labour.
  3. Foreign trade is influencing India – Mars and Rahu are in the Nakshtra of Jupiter and Jupiter is in the Nakshtra of Moon. This indicates that influence of foreign trade will be high. Some agreement or policy related to foreign trade or Insurance is on the cards.
  4. Share Market will also be influenced by foreign trade. I feel be careful. Day for Minerals, agriculture will be better.
  5. Media, IT, communication may be doing better but possibly no satisfaction.
  6. I feel pressure on Banks and related field – such as Indian Rupee etc.
  7. Share market may show some results towards trades related foreign investment news or Retail industry etc.
  8. General Prediction – Period for student agitation or agitations related to education field such as teachers etc.
  9. Some news related to Aviation may not be useful for today but tomorrow will be better.
  10. Weather disturbance, natural calamity or some accident is possible within next 72 Hrs (Globally)

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  1. As it was predicted that market may be positive but will not give satisfaction.
    Irrigation (Jain Irrigation was up by 2.85%), Retail (such as Pantaloon was up by 1.85%), Banks were mixed. Since last two days it was predicted for shoes – Bata was up by 1.35%.
    When Sensex is 0.27% up and Nifty was 0.22%, then above mentioned percentage will be important.
    Max India (Insurance segment- 6.88%)

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