Different Planets in Fifth House

Different Planets in Fifth House


If the Sun is in the fifth house, the native will be poor, of bulky body and in his seventh year his father will face death, serious illness or misfortune. The native will be wise and brilliant but will have few children. If the lord of the 5th is well placed and strong there will be no death of sons. If the Sun is strong the children will be prosperous.

Sun in Aries sign or in its own sign (Leo) can good name & fame. Natal can be Professor, Teacher, writer, publisher or a social worker etc.

But debli or afflicted sun can give adverse results.

Sun if fifth house means small family or less number of children, but if does not mean that there will be no children.


Natal will be Tolerant, Patient, Gentle, wealthy, attractive, charming, healthy, capability of working in a surprising way, intelligent, well educated, enjoys luxurious life style, well-established and children. Have good parents and love music etc.

Normally, such natal earns good fortune from share market/lottery etc. or gains from spouse.

Afflicted Moon can give mental illness, loss of memory or mentally unstable. Such natal can be a cheat.


Mars in fifth house can give higher position in career. Such natal has good digestion and enjoys food. His/her desires are too much.

Afflicted Mars gives abortion, progeny related issues and impacts on longevity. Natal can be poor (poverty), cunning, bad mentality, attracted towards illegal work, aggressive by nature and attracted towards opposite sex.


Well educated, intelligent, learned, literature related or writer. Mercury in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius sign give special attraction towards Mathematics or astrology etc. Similarly Mercury can give knowledge of Palmistry, grammar or physics etc.  if is in earth sign/airy sign and if placed in watery sign then can give profession of clerk or multi-language expert.

Afflicted Mercury is not good for progeny and adverse of above.


Jupiter in fifth house then natal can be Intelligent, learned, god fearing, well-educated and wealthy person.

Afflicted Jupiter can give issues with children means no good relation with Children.


Natal will be well-educated, writer, artist and wealthy person.

Afflicted Venus can give poor relations with spouse or disturbance in physical relationship with spouse.

Combination of Venus-Rahu indicates marriage/love relationship with foreigner or of different caste.


Saturn in fifth house- if is well connected or auspicious connections then natal will be hard-working and clear hearted.

But afflicted Saturn can be mentally challenged and can give disturbed relationship with children.


Rahu in fifth house indicates that natal can be a technical person. If there is no auspicious connectivity then there is a possibility of no child.


Ketu in fifth house is a good position for Mantra Siddhi.

Afflicted Ketu can give adverse results (Arisht) to children

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