Astrology Prediction : Query by Atarah from New York (US)

Name : Atarah

Date of Birth : 5-5-1972

Time of Birth : 02:00 Hrs (New York Time)

Place of Birth : 40n40 and 73w28

Query : I wanted to know if it is possible to tell if I am adopted.

According to Vedic System my observations are:
1. Ascendant is Aquarius, and its Lord Saturn is placed in 4th house (house of happiness). But surrounded by two malefic planets. That’s why you are not enjoying happiness.
2. 9th House Lord is in 5th house well blessed by Jupiter. I don’t think you are adopted. (If your details are correct)
3. Yes your 7th house Lord (Seventh house is for spouse/partner/relationship) Sun is afflicting your 9th house (according to Vedic astrology this house is for father and fate. You are asking this question.
My reply to your query is “I don’t think that you are adopted.

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