Astrology Prediction : Query by Gizelle, from Gizelle (Florida-US)

Name : Gizelle,

Date of Birth : 22-5-1991

Time of Birth : 10:00 (Hrs) Florida time standard

Place of Birth:Deland Florida (US)
According to Vedic system, my observations are:
1. Cancer ascendant, but afflicted by Saturn, which is 7th house Lord (Lord of your spouse)
2. Jupiter and Mars are placed in Ascendant, indicates you are target oriented, but due to Cancer ascendant, bit nervous.
3. Jupiter and Mars both aspect seventh house and its lord. Marriage is certain, may be little bit delay.
4. You are passing through Mahadasha (Phase) of Mars, I will not suggest you to marry during this Mahadasha (Phase) even relationship… please maintain carefully.
5. From January mid, phase of North Node (Rahu) will start.
This North Node (Rahu)  can give unconditionally marriage, relationships etc.
6. I believe 2014 will be a better period for the purpose of marriage. You can go for marriage from Mid of June 2013 to Oct 2013.


    • Date of Birth : 22-5-1991
      Time of Birth : 10:00 (Standard time according to Florida)
      Place of Birth : Deland Florida (US)
      Query : Will Martin get me pregnant?

      It’s a question of Horary.
      According to your Birth chart, you are passing through Phase of Mars and sub phase of Moon.
      Mars is Lord of fifth house (house of progeny) and Moon is ascendant lord.
      If you want, you can go for pregnancy during this period.

      Now from Horary
      Time of question : 01:19 IST
      Place New Delhi (INDIA)
      Ascendant Lord Mercury is in the Nakshtra of Saturn, and saturn is the lord of fifth house.
      You Martin may get you pregnant.
      But are you serious for this pregnancy?

      • Hello, I wanted to knowing I was going to pass my cna written exam. I was born may 22 1991 at 10:00am at Deland Florida.

        • Name : Gizelle
          Date of Birth : 22-5-1991
          Time of Birth : 10:00 Hrs (Florida time – US)
          Place of Birth : Florida (US)
          Query : Regarding Certified Nursing Assistant

          Florida, according Vedic system, my observations are as follows;
          1. cancer Ascendant, and its lord is placed in 2nd house. Good for finances.
          2. You are passing through Mahadasha (Phase) of Mars, Lord of fifth house of your birth chart placed in ascendant with Jupiter.
          3. Jupiter is blessing fifth house, house of education.
          12th house lord Mercury is placed in 10th house, indicates profession related to hospital (possibility)
          Fifth house Mahadasha (phase) indicates, good period for education.
          I feel, you will pass in you written CNA written examination.

  1. Hello, I wanted to know if I’m supposed to be with Martin. My birthday is may 22 1991
    De land Florida, I was born at 10:00am

    • Gizelle,
      I do not have Birth details of Martin. So, I have to take this question as Horary question.
      At the time you have raised this question, my observations are
      1. Cancer Ascendant, and its Lord Moon is placed in 10th house.
      (Ascendant is self means you)
      2. 7th house Lord Saturn is in 4th house and forming very good relationship with Moon.
      I think, this relationship is fine. Go ahead.

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