Query from NM (GER)

Name : NM

Date of Birth: 24-5-1981

Time of Birth : 04:30 Hrs (Germany)

Place of Birth : Latitude – 48n08                Longitude- 11e34

Query : Is Music good profession?

According to your Birth chart (D-1) my observations are:

  1. Taurus Ascendant, Jupiter is blessing from 5th house
  2.  Take care of your eyes.
  3. Ascendant Lord Venus is placed in its own house, with Sun. Venus indicates Art/Music etc. and in its own house can give you fame also along with wealth. Sun will also give you recognition, but you have to check your nature such as arrogance, aggression etc.
  4. 3rd House Lord Moon is in 9th house in the axis of Rahu(NN)/Ketu(SN) axis. Creativity is there, you are capable of creating music. Take care of your depression. But if you want to utilize this depression for your creativity then use it.
  5. Retro Jupiter and Retro Saturn are placed in 5th house and 5th house Lord is in 2nd house, good for money / wealth. But Jupiter Mahadasha will not be so good for you.
  6. Jupiter aspect Moon, 3rd Lord, can give you classical touch, whereas Rahu (NN) will give you non-traditional touch. I can say classical with a blend of non-traditional music.
  7. Use your Mercury it is also in a good position.

Be positive. You can do it.

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