Astrology Prediction : Query regarding relationship

Name : XYZ

Date of Birth : 11-11-1983

Time of Birth : 01:55 (Local time)

Place of Birth : Latitude : 22N17                Longitude: 114E09

Anyways, according to Vedic methods (full sign) your Asc. is Leo, and at the time of birth you were born in the Dasha/subdasha/subdasha/subsubsub dasha of Sun/Sat/Sat/Sat/Mars.
So, throughout your life, Sun, Sat and Mars will give great impact in your life.
9 Aug 2009 – when you married, Dasha period was Rahu/Jup/Mars.
Now point is why your marriage was not sustained- reasons are

Reading from Birth Chart  (D-1)
1. Your 7th Lord Sat and Asc. Lord Sun are in 3rd house (enemies-conjunction). Lord of spouse/partner Saturn and self-Sun. Saturn indicates laziness, slow, whereas Sun is fire, aggression, energy etc.
2. 7L and Asc. Lord are in Paapkartari yog (Both sides of these planets are malefic planets (Mars and Ketu-SN), they will not allow peace to self and spouse/partner.
3. Now again period for Family life can be after June 2015. Precautions, how can you please Saturn or Sun is important. Rahu and Venus can give you this life (both are unconditional significant of Marriage or family or happiness or anything)
4. Your Jupiter is Lord of 8th house and 5th house
5th related to inner spiritualism, soul with great values, and 8th house is related to hidden science and occult science. Jupiter is a important Planet for this. And is with Ketu, again a planet for depth. Jupiter aspects 10th house, 12th house and 8th house. Good- for profession, if you want to go in spiritualism or occult or science/feeling  related divine , you can achieve a great milestone.
6. Your 10th Lord is in 2nd house (great chance of earning of money) similarly Lord of 4th house and 9th house Mars is in 2nd house (great chance of earning money) or can be a wealthy lady. But when…. it is related to dasha like June 2015 to around 1 year period or like that.
7. If you can use Venus and Mars with Merc., certainly you can be well known personality.
Your Saturn and Sun will give support to you courage, hobby etc.
Try and do something important in your life.
You are born to help people- or better to say serve people.

Reading from D-9 (Navmansha chart)

  1. Asc. Lord Mercury is in 11th house with Rahu, and Ascendant has auspicious aspect from Venus and 7th house Lord Jupiter.
  2. 7th Lord Jupiter is placed in 5th house and in Debli sign with exalted Mars, Moon (11th house Lord) and Ketu
  3. Currently you are passing through Mahadasha of Rahu (NN) and Anterdasha of Mercury (0d 45’ and 08”), Pratyanter dasha is Venus (Placed in 7th house of D-9) – Dasha period started since 13-5-2012 (You had started relationship/or came to know about each other in last wk of May 2012). This dasha period is till 16-10-2012.
  4. Your Mercury is weak and Ascendant Lord of D-9 chart. That’s why you are facing ups and downs with this relationship. I wish you enjoy this relationship for long, but take care after mid of Oct. 2012 (because of weak Mercury and is in Anter dasha, Venus will be out of dasha)
  5. Next pratyanter dasha will be of Sun, placed in 9th house of D-9 chart, 11th from Mercury and Rahu, can give some relief in relationship till Dec. 2012, but I don’t see long running relationship (I wish, I am wrong here), because next dasha is Moon in the Rahu Ketu axis.

Conclusion: You can pull on this relationship but due to weak+afflicted Mercury you may have to face ups and downs in this relationship.

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