Different Planets in Fourth House

Different planets in Fourth House


Philosopher, thinker, Likes travelling, no mental peace and loves deep subjects. If Mars is in fourth house and afflicted by Sun, then there is no hope for having own house. If Mars and Sun aspects fourth house, then possibility of obstacles in native’s life increases.


Moon in fourth house- The native will be crowned as a king (that is he will attain a very high status in Government, politics), he/she will own many vehicles and he/she will enjoy agricultural and financial prosperity but his/her mother will be sickly. The native will have milk to drink in abundant quantities but he/she will be brought up on breast milk of women other than his mother. He will get plentiful good food to eat and be happy but he will be fond of women other than his wife. If the Moon is strong by being full or in his own sign Cancer, the mother will be long lived. She will be short lived if the Moon is weak/afflicted. The decreasing Moon will also deprive him of the comforts of conveyances but he/she will enjoy these comforts if the Moon is strong. If the lord of the fourth house is exalted, the native will have the good fortune of owning many kinds of conveyances.

According to Phaldeepika:  Moon is in the fourth house, the native will be happy, fond of luxuries and men/women and of sacrificing spirit. He/she will have good friends, good reputation and will enjoy the comfort of conveyances.


Mars in fourth house: Adversities in family and disturbance in domestic life. Possibility of losing his/her father at the age of eight years Or native will be without mother, native will be without friends, land, grains, happiness and vehicles (poor in life). Native may have inimical relations with relatives.


Mercury is in the fourth house, the native will have very active hands, he will be patient, will have broad eyes and happiness from parents. He will be learned and happy.

According to Phaldeepika: Native will be learned, and will have own land and will enjoy good relationship with friends and relatives. Native will be a happy person.


Jupiter is in the fourth house, the native will be happy, wise, of good conduct and highly intelligent. He/she will also be a land-lord.

Jupiter is aspected by or associated with a malefic, the native will be without any land or conveyance; he/she will have to live in other people’s houses and will suffer loss of mother and have bitterness with relations.


Venus in fourth house, native will be handsome/smart, intelligent, will have happiness from brothers, will be happy and of forgivable nature, enjoys Music, company of friends, peaceful family life and happiness. It’s a very good place of Venus for artists.

The native will possess a good conveyance, good house, ornaments, dresses and articles of perfumery.


Saturn in fourth house, It’s not a good position for native’s mother and happiness. This position gives loneliness to natal, and lack of happiness.

If Ascendant Lord is strong then position may be different.


Rahu in fourth house, the native will own many kinds of ornaments may have relationship with more than his/her spouse and will serve others. Possibility of interruption in studies at an early age of his/her life.


Ketu in fourth house indicates, link with foreign lands and poor fate, not good for mother, happiness and landed property.


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