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    8.37 AM


  2. Name: pranit
    Date of Birth : 07 february 1980
    time : 12:30 AM midnight ( 6th Feb Night)
    place : vadodara , Gujarat , INDIA

    Question: I am in verge of seperation from first marriage , when and in which year second marriage is indicated as per horoscope and will my second marriage will be successful and will get good spouse ?

    • Pranit,
      1. Are you in India or out of India?
      2. You are looking for study in details of marriage, which is not possible on free service platform. Only one specific query can be replied.
      3. For marriage study, you can avail paid service.

            • Name : Pranit
              Date of Birth : 07-02-1980
              Time of Birth : 00:30 Hrs (IST)
              Place of Birth : Vadodara (India)
              Ok sir specific question as mentioned when I will get married?

              According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
              I asked you, if you are living in India or out of India, to test your horoscope, which is not replied. Anyways, Indications are clear that family life may remain disturbed till the Saturn Mahadasha (for another 14-15 years). If you are living out of India, then chances may improve (but not necessarily).
              First of all your question is at the wrong time, separation only then marriage is possible. Dashas are not supporting marriage at the moment. Because natural signifier of marriage for men – Venus is afflicted by Mars (lord of marriage and Saturn – family, bedroom related issues etc. – I can not explain on open platform).
              Saturn is a neutral planet, placed in the house of bedroom, which may influence your bedroom activities. Causing irritation, sleep disorder etc. or extra sleep, laziness etc.
              First of all settle the first issue, then think for marriage, and may take some time, otherwise may cause problem.

              • Yes I am staying out of India and first marriage on verge of seperation as I don’t want to get seperate but reason of seperation is my wife doesn’t want me to stay abroad and want me to come to India permanent with childish stubborn reason who want to get seperate we got one life in this world and we want to stay happy correct sir but some energy makes us to get seperate without any reason and that is science of astrology and that’s what you know , I don’t know what will happen with me but God has decided something for me and for betterment my query was just that I am forcefully by nature things are going in such a way that we are getting seperate without no proper reason and you are expert to anyalize and help what you think is my soulmate there for balance life ?

  3. Name Madhusudan
    Dob 24041974 time 8 am Kolar Karnataka
    Question : why will I get a job ? I was fired from job in February
    Time of question : 16:07 Hyderabad date 31/07/23

  4. Would I own a flat of myself?
    Dob 10th September 1975
    Time of birth 12:45 am
    Place of birth Bardhaman, West Bengal

  5. Name: Medha
    Time of Question: 30/07/2023 7:06 AM
    Place of Questions: Cupertino, CA, USA
    Question: When will I get a job.

        • Name: Medha
          Date of Birth : 28-12-1979
          Time of Birth : 05:07 Hrs (IST)
          Place of Birth : Nashik (India)
          Question : When will I get a job.

          According to Vedic Astrology my observations are as follows:
          1. Scorpio ascendant and Mercury which is creating obstacles is placed in the ascendant, chances of some or other disturbances with partner/colleagues. Which will be your next anterdasha or chances of contractual work or likewise.
          2. You are passing through Mahadasha of Mars and anterdasha of Saturn. Chances of earnings may be better/develop from End of September to November 2023.
          3. After November 2023, chances of contractual or research or analytical may be better. It will be better to balance relationship(s) with partner/colleagues.

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