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  1. Date of Birth : 30-11-1999
    Time of Birth : 02:26 a.m.
    Place of Birth : Chandigarh (India)
    Question : Which profession will be suitable for me

    • Manikaran Singh/Manya Sharma
      You gave me blind to test out permutation combination of 9 planets, 12 signs and 12 houses. Such queries needs study in details, so not possible on free service platform. Yes, if you have options of few lines with describing your educational qualification, then certainly I can help you on free service platform.
      If you have any line or option in your mind please let me know, so that I can guide accordingly.

  2. Dear Sir,
    My DOB: 8th Dec 1967, TOB: 8:58 am, Place of birth: Kolkata, West Bengal India, currently residing in US. I have lost job suddenly ( I have 20 years of work experience in US), when will I find job? Please advise, very depressed due to this.

    • Name : Anonymous Sen
      Date of Birth : 08-12-1967
      Time of Birth : 08:58 Hrs (IST)
      Place of Birth : Kolkata (India) currently residing in US.
      Query : I have lost job suddenly ( I have 20 years of work experience in US), when will I find job? Please advise, very depressed due to this.

      Anonymous Sen,
      According to Vedic Astrology my observations are as follows:
      1. Capricorn ascendant and lord Saturn is in the house of courage, immunity and other related activities. Mars (lord of achievements and gains) is in ascendant and afflicting anterdasha lord Jupiter.
      2. Normally, Jupiter is badhak (creating obstacles for Capricorn ascendant – in this horoscope, Pressure of success and nature may be cause of affliction. This Jupiter anterdasha may give sudden loss of Job, because of connectivity with the house of expenses (12th house and eighth house). This Jupiter may give mental disturbance also, because of connectivity of eighth house, 12th house and second house and family also.
      3. You can try for contractual job. Moon indicates movements for finances, incoming or out going (both ways) – I do not want to give comment on my learned friend.
      4. Chances of Job (good) – now it comes a situation of Desh, Kaal and Patra status (Place of living, period and the situation of natal – dasha promise etc.). You are aware of situation of jobs in US, I agree that still better than India, but tough, because of banks and other financial reasons. If you get contractual job – it will be better to grab for a while.
      5. Mercury – Saturn may give some chances of Job – for that you need to prepare well and positive approach will be helping you. Mars affliction on Jupiter may give either extra-ordinary low or extra-ordinary high, both are wrong. It must be balanced.
      I have not checked your Dashmansha chart and Navmansha chart, which are important for study in depth.

      • Thanks you sir….I am not even getting contract opportunities….after 2 successful rounds of interview..1 went with a better candidate, I did not even hear back from the other…

    • Name : Saroj Kumar Pradhan
      Date of Birth : 07-07-1966
      Time of Birth : 23:27 Hrs (IST)
      Place of Birth : Nuapada (India)
      Question : I am looking for a job in USA, came to USA in feb 2023, when can i get a job

      Saroj Kumar Pradhan,
      According to Vedic Astrology my observations are as follows:
      1. Pisces ascendant and lord Jupiter is placed in the house of family with Sun and Mars, although is totally combust but trying to support directly to the house of profession. Ascendant has Saturn which is giving pressure of ambitions, attraction for foreign lands and arrogance. It will be better to check or keep your arrogance or rigid attitude under control. Which may affect on Profession and personality. Pressure of ambitions within limit is good but should not be in extreme (if it is please check).
      2. You are passing through Mahadasha of Ketu, which is in the sign of Mars which is with ascendant and profession lord Jupiter, and placed in the house of religion, fortune and travels. Anterdasha of Venus, which is badhak for this horoscope. But may give opportunity for contractual work or analytical or behind the camera or petroleum related professional opportunities.
      3. Better period for profession may be starting after April of this year and further improvements may be seen after November 2023.
      Remember, you are looking during a tough period (global scenario), because we can not over rule Desh/Kal/Patra (Area/Period and Natal). Be calm and keep patience, efforts are key, avail opportunities.

    • BTW I forgot to mention….I am preparing to the very best for all my interviews….

  3. Date of Birth : 07-07-1966
    Time of Birth : 11.27 PM IST)
    Place of Birth : Nuapada,odisha (India)
    Question : I am looking for a job in USA, came to USA in feb 2023, when can i get a job

  4. i have shifted to USA in feb 2023 and looking for a Job but not get yet, please find my details and share your predection.
    DOB -7-7-1066
    TIME- 11.27PM

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