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  1. Respected sir, My friend is hospitalized after tha bypass surgery.He went into coma and is under ventilation for past 2 months. The family is struggling a lot. Can you please tell us about improvement of his health condition?
    Name: sekar
    D.O.B: 14-3-1952
    Nakshatra: chitra
    Rashi: thulam


        • Name: sekar
          Date of Birth : 14-03-1952
          Time of Birth : 16:00 Hrs (IST)
          Place of Birth : Mettur (India)
          Query : Respected sir, My friend is hospitalized after tha bypass surgery.He went into coma and is under ventilation for past 2 months. The family is struggling a lot. Can you please tell us about improvement of his health condition?

          Sekar (Query by Sardha),
          According to Vedic Astrology and Kotchakra my observations are as follows:
          1. Chitra Nakshtra and Cancer ascendant, lord Moon is Mars, in the house of Heart, family etc.
          2. From February 17, 2021, Mars has entered in Kot of the chakra, which is with Moon, lord of brain etc. for the natal, is affecting you. Rahu and Ketu, Saturn are also knocking the door of Kot. So, I am not satisfied with the current Kotchakra position. Only one important point will be that Jupiter and Mercury will be entering in Kot, Mercury is Mahadasha lord and afflicted by Saturn, Mercury is also not a decent planet for the horoscope. According the Kotchakra, if any positive sign is seen at the time of reading this observations, then it is better otherwise will be bit tough.
          3. According to Horoscope and dasha, you are passing through Mahadasha of Mercury, representing house of hospital, that’s why hospitalization is seen, situation according to dasha is not comfortable, only advantage is Venus, which is giving support to his life for the period.
          4. I will suggest Pooja for lord Bhairav and Mahamritynjay Mantra (wit support of Youtube) will be bit supportive. One chance is for the current time, when Jupiter is entering in Kot, if it suits, then this Jupiter will be good for him and Vishnu Puja will be suitable.
          May God bless to Sekar.


  2. Name : Vineet Tyagi
    Time of Question : 4:40 PM
    Place of Questions : IP Extension, Delhi
    Question : There are organization changes at my place of work. Should I move along with my current boss or explore options within or outside company? What would help in getting the promotion as I am stuck currently?


  3. How will be my venus mahadasha? Im going through divorce. when will i get married? How to overcome difficulties since im scorpion ascendent.


  4. Name : Chandana (Female)
    Date of Birth : 07-07-1987
    Time of Birth: 3:03 AM
    Place of Birth : Avanigadda, Krishna Dist. A.P
    Question : How will be my Financial position and Marriage life? Can I do Business or Job – i want to start a career now
    Astrology Analysis type desired : Free


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