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You may post your  astrology question in this section. I’ll try to answer all of them. One query per person will be responded free service platform.

Regarding astrology analysis in detail, paid service is also available. One may opt for paid service for detailed analysis and multiple questions.

Any query related to Mahadasha is not possible on free service, because it needs study in detail. For Mahadasha – paid service is available.

Marriage compatibility, details of spouse etc. needs study in detail, hence not possible. Query related competition is not encouraged on this free service platform.

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  • Only one question – specific query
  • Prediction replied by Birth chart
  • Application of Vinshottari dasha
  • Once query is replied, will be flashed on platform

For more queries and exhaustive analysis.

Paid Service Features

  • Analysis of Birth chart
  • Analysis of Navmansha (Divisional Chart 9) chart
  • Analysis of Saptansha chart (Divisional chart 7) in case of issues related to progeny.
  • Analysis of Dashmansha Chart (Divisional Chart 10) for profession.
  • And other related charts as and when required.
  • Analysis related to Progeny Khsetrasfut and Beejsfut will be checked (female and male )
  • Apart from the above, analysis with the help of Vinshottari Dasha and Jaimini dasha or any other dasha (specific like dwisaptsiti or chatrushiti dasha etc. will be applied.)

Just make sure you give the following details in your queries:

  • For Kundli /Horoscope Queries :
  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Time of Birth
  4. Place of Birth
  5. Question
  6. Astrology Analysis type desired :Paid /Free
  • For Free Prashnalagna / Prashna Shastra/ Horary Queries :
  1. Name
  2. Time of Question
  3. Place of Questions
  4. Question

For paid queries, just leave a comment with your email id and I will take it from there.

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  1. Name: MANPREET kaur
    Dob: 17.01.2000
    Place:ludhiana punjab
    Where I will settle in future in India or abroad?


    • Name : Manpreet Kaur
      Date of Birth : 17-01-2000
      Time of Birth : 14:45 Hrs (IST)
      Place of Birth :Ludhiana (India)
      Query : Where I will settle in future in India or abroad?

      Manpreet Kaur,
      According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:

      1. Taurus ascendant and lord Venus is in the house of spouse, giving strength to own house. Moon is in ascendant, forming good yoga with the lord of ascendant Venus. Travelling will be key in your life.
      2. Lord of gains in expenses/hospital and foreign lands etc. Indicating that if you are linked with a profession linked with hospital, then gains will be linked to hospital other wise gains will be better in foreign lands. Otherwise it will force your gains, wealth etc. in expenses – means will not good position for wealth etc.
      3. Lord of profession (of you or your spouse) has exchanged its position with the lord of foreign lands, indicates that chances of living in foreign lands will be high and will be better for you.


  2. Name: Anchal
    Date of Birth: 17-04-1986
    Time of Birth: 11:27 am
    Place of Birth: Bhilai Chhattisgrah
    Question: Stone for success in stock market & Life
    Astrology Analysis type desired :Free


    • Name: Anchal
      Date of Birth: 17-04-1986
      Time of Birth : 11:27 Hrs (IST)
      Place of Birth : Bhilai (India)
      Question: Stone for success in stock market & Life

      (Gem stones cannot be suggested without going through study in details – negative and positives of the suggested Gemstones)
      According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
      1. Gemini ascendant as per the time of birth provided by you. Lord Mercury is debilitated in placed in the house of profession,but Mars lord of gains and achievements + disturbances, health and other issues is afflicting ascendant and lord of ascendant. That means your approach and personality will be influenced accordingly. Pressure of achieving more and more is not allowing you to get the best of your profession.
      2. This ascendant lord Gemini is Mahadasha lord, so the way, you will think and approach – results of Karma/profession and family will be accordingly. Mercury is Neech also. Only sign of relief is blessings from Jupiter (lord of Profession and spouse).
      3. You can offer TejPatta and Durva (green grass) to lord Ganesha on Wednesdays (at least 11) – you can try this.
      I have not tested horoscope, this is important because after 4 mins and 32 secs. chart is changing as a whole. Secondly specific chart of profession is also not checked since its a free service.


  3. Name- Vis Jai
    DOB – 29/05/1984
    Time- 18:00
    Place of birth- Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    In career what is beneficial? (Business/ Jobs)
    If business then what sort of business or can I go for market trading?

    Astrology Analysis type desired :Free
    Right now.


    • Name: Vis Jai
      Date of Birth : 29-05-1984
      Time of Birth : 18:00 Hrs (IST)
      Place of Birth : Ahmedabad (India)
      Query : In career what is beneficial? (Business/ Jobs) If business then what sort of business or can I go for market trading?

      Vis Jai,
      According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
      1. Libra ascendant and lord is in the house of sudden property, PF, Gratuity, inherited and lottery/gambling etc. this includes gains or loss from share market. Importantly this Lord Venus is afflicted by Rahu/Moon/Sun combination, which is close to Solar eclipse. So, chances of sudden loss may increase on such advantages.
      2. Profession lord is in the house of ups and downs, indications are that time to time you may be feeling that business may be better for you or switch to business. But Dhan yogas are not enough to support this business.
      3. Chances of getting loss due to impostors, cheats, gambling, share market or many more like natural calamities. Casual approach and efforts are also not suitable for business.
      4. It will be better to go for service/job. Avoid gambling, betting, trading and likewise activities. Currently many traders or investors have lost their money because of one brokering house/company (well known).
      5. I have not read specific profession chart like Dashmansha and Navmansha chart, since its a free service.


  4. Muskaan
    D.o.b : 31-12-1988
    Time: 9:10 am
    Place: karnal, Haryana

    Question: I want to know should I start my own business or should I go for job ? I am currently living in Hongkong . Pls suggest


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