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  • Analysis of Dashmansha Chart (Divisional Chart 10) for profession.
  • And other related charts as and when required.
  • Analysis related to Progeny Khsetrasfut and Beejsfut will be checked (female and male )
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  1. My name is Suswagatha Ghosh.
    Date of birth – 13th December 1997
    Sex-male, Birth Place – Burdwan, West Bengal, India.
    I met a girl on social media platform on 31st December 2018.We both shared a very sweet bond together. Bond lasted till March 14th.
    Then all of a sudden everything finished. I still have feelings for her. Can we be together again? Meanwhile I was in love with her. She too had some feelings. We were very happy together. Then comes some misunderstandings. Are there any chance of us being together in future?
    Her name – Diksha Gupta
    Date of birth – 17 th March 1999
    Sex – female, Birth place – Asansol, West Bengal, India.


  2. Name- Satya
    DOB- July 12, 1996
    TOB- 3:09pm
    Place- Kolkata, India
    Gender- Male
    Query- When can I expect to meet my life partner and what will their personality and profession be? I am spiritually inclined and am seeking a like minded soul. I would like to know what I can improve in myself so as to protect the relationship from breaking/separation.
    Thanks a lot for your selfless service. I wish you joy and abundance. May the light be with you.


  3. How is my career going to be? I want to become a singer, so I wanted to check if it’s written for me. I am a female born on 15 December, 1998 at 6:30pm in Vishakhapatnam, India


    • Name : Tejaswi
      Date of Birth : 15-12-1989
      Time of Birth : 18:30 Hrs (IST)
      Place of Birth : Vishakhapatnam (India)
      Query : How is my career going to be? I want to become a singer, so I wanted to check if it’s written for me.

      According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
      1. Gemini ascendant and lord Mercury is with Sun in the house of enemy, health and disturbances etc. Indicating that you have capabilities to encounter such issues, it means that chances of developing such issues will be there. Ascendant is afflicted by Saturn retrograde, from the house of ambitions and achievements.
      2. Throat has Rahu, which is exchanging aspect with the lord of profession Jupiter. Lord of tongue is Moon in the house of past karmas, learning, writing poems and many more, but afflicted by Saturn retrograde, which is in the debilitated sign.
      3. Before planning for career, please have some mental peace and learn to live happily with family. Drive with care, maintain your vehicle properly.
      4. Rahu indicates non-traditional touch from throat and aspect from Jupiter – indicates classical but with some heaviness. But lord of throat is in competitiveness, not indicating good financial and good recognition (to give big profession) like Shreya Ghohal or SP Sailaja or Kalyani Menon etc.
      You can try with words or writing something. But professionally – you can think of something else.


  4. When do you think it’s time to marry and do you see a beautiful marriage life? Can I get a job anytime soon? 18.05.1989 time:07:53 Canakkale/TURKEY


        • Name : Özge
          Date of Birth : 18-05-1989
          Time of Birth : 07:53 Hrs (LST)
          Place of Birth : Canakkale (Turkey)
          Query : When do you think it’s time to marry and do you see a beautiful marriage life? Can I get a job anytime soon?

          According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
          1. Gemini ascendant and lord Mercury is retrograde, in the house of foreign lands, expenses, hospital with Sun, Jupiter and Venus. If required, take care of health, avoid laziness (if any) and also avert extra ordinarily observing anyone/events or criticizing (if it is). Ascendant has Mars exchanging direct aspect with Saturn from the house of spouse/marriage. Indicating attitude and behavior.
          2. Saturn in the house of marriage, indicates delayed marriage – according to normal norms of the area/time etc. Mars is afflicting/exchanging Saturn retrograde in the house of marriage, confirming complications in marriage or related issues.
          3. You are passing through Period of Jupiter lord of marriage, which is in the house of foreign lands/expenses/hospital etc. indicates that period of marriage is running but sub-period is not properly supporting and complication of Mars and Saturn (retrograde) creating issues. Chances of marriage or likewise situation may develop after first week of September 2019. Transit of Jupiter and Saturn will be supporting from November 2019 to January 2020.
          4. Complications are high, if any chance will develop then period is starting. After marriage, your behavior and attitude will be key to the marriage life.
          Only one query is possible on this free service platform and study in details is also not possible on this platform. I hope you can understand.


    • Name : Rakesh
      Date of Birth : 10-10-1999
      Time of Birth : 14:45 Hrs (IST)
      Place of Birth : Kuchaman city (India)
      Query : Will i get higher education in abroad and when

      According to Vedic Astrology my observations are as follows:
      1. Capricorn ascendant and lord Saturn is retrograde and placed in its debilitated sign with the lord of foreign lands Jupiter retrograde, which has exchanged its position with Mars lord of native land.
      2. Utilization of your skills and knowledge during this period will be important. Mahadasha of Jupiter, which represents lord of foreign lands and distraction etc. is started. Indications are that avoid distraction (if any), and period for going to foreign lands is started. Regarding higher education, you must avoid dreaming and distraction, (proper focus in the right direction and efforts) is needed to achieve your goal. Because period for foreign lands related activities or distraction is started. Detachment with family is possible.


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