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    • Name : Anurag Shrivastava
      Date of Birth : 24-11-1993
      Time of Birth : 20:45 Hrs (IST)
      Place of Birth : New Delhi (India)
      Query : When will I meet soulmate?

      Anurag Srhivatava,
      You have asked for Soulmate, not for marriage or love relationship.
      According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
      1. Gemini ascendant and lord Mercury is in the house of love relationship with Jupiter and lord of love relationship Venus – which is Mahadasha lord too. Mars is afflicting ascendant – ambitions, competitiveness and enemies etc.
      2. Time for love relationship is running, but your query is for soulmate – it has great depth, I don’t feel that in near by time you may get soulmate. I have not commented for marriage. Marriage of your own choice. But lot of analyzing or time to time analysis may not help you.
      3. Time for love relationship is running.
      Important – it will be better to deal all government related issues with care, and you must clear all issues related to government properly.


  1. I want to ask about my son’s would be spouse. how her looks . would be she beautiful? because he wants a beautiful
    28. March 1995
    9.23 am
    Bikaner Rajasthan India


  2. Sir, my son named Vijayakumar DOB on 18 th August 1987 @ 7:27 PM at paramakudi T.N.and his wife named Iswarya DOB on 6 th November 1993 @ 11:22 PM at Chidambaram T. N. Married on 4th June 2017.Not yet progeny. Pl. analyse the horoscope and report childbirth analysis. Thanks


    • Name : Nageswaran (for progeny of Son VijayaKumar)
      Date of Birth of Son : 18-0-1987
      Date of Birth : 19:27 Hrs (IST)
      Place of Birth : ParamaKudi (India)
      Details of Daughter in-law Iswarya
      Date of Birth : 06-11-1993
      Time of Birth : 23:22 Hrs (IST)
      Place of Birth : Chidambaram (India)
      Query : Married on 4th June 2017.Not yet progeny.
      (Not mentioned, if Son and daughter-in-law trying for Progeny)

      According to Vedic astrology my observations for the horoscope of Vijaykumar are as follows:
      1. Aquarius ascendant and lord Saturn is retrograde in the house of profession, afflicting Venus, Sun and Jupiter. These three planets are influencing personality too.
      2. Progeny house lord is in the house of disturbance and health related issues. This Mercury is in the last degrees and close to total combustion. House and lord of Progeny has no auspicious connection.
      3. Venus is 0 degree and 02 mins old in this sign, and is total combust, Mars is also total combust. Venus and Mars are afflicted by the lord of self – Saturn.
      4. Venus, lord of Progeny (Mercury) and Mars (lord of energy, efforts and Profession) these three playing important role for Progeny. If they are trying for Progeny, and results are not in favour, then it will be better that your son should consult doctor, along with wife. Jupiter is blessing these planets.
      5. Dasha wise time is running but promise from birth chart of Vijay Kumar are not strong. (Either they are not trying or some other issues).
      I have not studied horoscope of Iswarya. Only one horoscope is possible on free service. I have not studied Navmansha and Saptansha chart (Specific chart for Progeny), since it’s a free service.


  3. My date of birth is 07.09.1975, time 19.15 minute, place Jamnagar Gujarat. What is correct lagna. some say kumbh some say meen. I am confused


    • Name : Anistesh Ray
      Date of Birth : 07.09.1975
      Time of Birth : 19.15 Hrs (IST)
      Place of Birth : Jamnagar (India)
      Query : What is correct lagna. some say kumbh some say meen. I am confused

      According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
      1. It is Aquarius ascendant (Kumbh lagna) of 26 degrees and 15 mins. Pisces lagna will be after 19:26:04 Hrs (IST). Based on various areas of Jamnagar variation in degrees of Aquarius lagna will be 26:15 to 26:23 degrees, still will be Aquarius ascendant (Kumbh lagna).
      2. This ascendant is based on the time and place of your birth. This is Vedic astrology chart, variation will be in western astrology chart.


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