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  • Analysis of Dashmansha Chart (Divisional Chart 10) for profession.
  • And other related charts as and when required.
  • Analysis related to Progeny Khsetrasfut and Beejsfut will be checked (female and male )
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  1. Tell about my future marriage time spouse longevity political successes job time my parents and
    All about my career please
    DOB 29 MARCH 1998
    TOB 12:13 PM


  2. when my career is up with high professional job to the corresponding high income. Now the position is low position, low salary high study our colleges and my smaller juniors also low study with high income.
    Time:01.26am (ist)
    place: kakinada ( andhra pradesh)
    star: Bharani 3rd feet


      • Hi sir,

        My date of birth 05041984 Time 17:16

        I just want to know when I will start my business and is it good for me to go abroad.waiting for your reply sir.


        • Name : Apoorv
          Date of Birth : 05-04-1984
          Time of Birth : 17:16 Hrs (IST)
          Place of Birth : Delhi (India)
          Query : I just want to know when I will start my business and is it good for me to go abroad.waiting for your reply sir.

          According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
          1. Virgo ascendant and lord Mercury, which represents house of profession too. This lord is exchanging aspects from Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Rahu, and with Ketu in the house of competitiveness.
          2. Lord of Profession is clearly indicating that the horoscope is more suitable for the Service. Or better to say – good for the position where you have to report to someone. Not number one position. Even if holding CEO position, but report to MD or someone. So, I will not suggest for the business.
          Only one query is possible on free service, hence second part of the query is not replied.


  3. I m in depression? How to get rid of this?any astrological remedies? DOB:11 Aug 1988 Time: 11:46 AM Place :Cuttack,Odisha


    • Name : Testingwp2102
      Date of Birth : 11-08-1988
      Time of Birth : 11:46 Hrs (IST)
      Place of Birth : Cuttack (India)
      Query : I m in depression? How to get rid of this?any astrological remedies?

      According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
      1. Libra ascendant and lord Venus is in the house of fortune, afflicted by Saturn retrograde. Indications are clear that you are thinking too much on your mistakes, which is causing disturbance. It will be better to avoid such mistakes in future – I mean to say, learn from the mistakes and do not repeat, instead of feeling guilt (in excess). This Venus is afflicted by Mars – at times you are stating a comment or giving statement or conversation, which may be causing trouble on you. Or you may be thinking too much for finances. This Mars is afflicting ascendant too.
      2. Your lord of efforts is not placed in decent place or anterdasha lord is not decently placed, which is afflicting happiness and family related issues.
      3. You are passing through Mahadasha of Ketu and anterdasha of Jupiter, Jupiter and Saturn are afflicting sleep and related issues. Hence, possibility of some low feeling, otherwise too there are so many reasons I have explained to you for the low feeling. It will be better to amend your way of thinking and approach, situation will improve slowly and gradually.
      Regarding remedies you can chant Vishnushsranam. Avoid any drinking habit or addiction (if any).
      You can chant mantra for Ketu available @


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