Nifty Prediction : Trade may not be Positive | Range is may be (10750 to 10900)

Daily Forecast – Share Market – September 19th, 2019

Trade may not be Positive | Range is may be (10750 to 10900)

Venus with Sun and Moon is controlling the day and well supported by Mercury and Jupiter. Geo-political situation may not be very good, Saudi/Iran issues and involvement of USA may influence Gas prices in coming period. Crude is currently under control. But issues related to Venezuela is indicating chances of rise in crude and Jupiter will be entering in own sign (in the month of November 2019), which may support rise in crude prices, reasons may be many.

Currency may be a better position in comparison to the previous week. May try to be below 72 against USD.

Planetary position is indicating that market may try to look for positive side for the day, but due to Thursday, a dip will not surprise. Range of the trade may remain from 10750 to 10900.

Government is enjoying weekly Press conference and traders in the share market are speculating that FM may announce some big news for business houses or industries. At least I do not expect for such weekly Press conferences, because planetary position indicates that lord of council of ministers in its debilitated sign (Neech).

Nothing new to encourage employment is coming. How could businessman believe that consumption will increase. Amalgamation of banks may check their expenditure, but what about the system and culture of PSU bank’s employees. Are they competitive enough? Is corruption checked? Transparency in loans procedure or finalization of credit limits etc. Their attitude for dealing with common man. Rahu in the house of banks and financial institutions will be for one year more. Chances are for more issues may come out from this sector.

Planets are indicating that Companies attitude and behaviour with customer is not friendly, their service centres (in many consumer products like electrical and electronics and telecom etc.) are not capable enough to give proper services, that’s why consumer is floating and even good company is missing their regular sales and they are coming up with new label, instead of going for Proper R&D, to give products or launch in the market (example Parle and many more).

If we want to build up our own market then services part needs to improve so that foreign products may not able to give competition and here these planets, like Neech Venus, which can help government to focus and develop proper system, so that in coming period may give better strength to the market (this may be for long term like China and USA) etc.

Market seems Positive, but range is also possible. Banks, financial institutions, automobile, infrastructure, power, cement, leather, Petroleum, and many more segments may show movements.

Range of the trade may remain from 10750 to 10900.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 71.00 to 71.90 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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