Second Lord in different houses

Second Lord in first house:

Strong second lord placed in asc., indicates that natal will earn money with his/her own efforts. But will be known as rich person and will be a good looking person.

But if second lord is weak then indications will be reverse.

Second Lord in second house:

If second lord is in good position, means not afflicted and good combination, then it’s a good position for money-assets-property etc. But afflicted second lord can create complications with father and spouse.

Malefic planets in second house can give education in science related subjects, technical. If this is in good position, then these planets can give good education in the related field, and natal may earn from the related field.

Second Lord in third house:

Second Lord in good position- natal will make money through music, art, hobbies, drama or with the help of siblings.

But afflicted second lord will indicate that natal may lose money due to above reasons. Such natal will not have good nature, always fighting with others, arrogant.

Second Lord in fourth House:

Relationship of money with happiness, agriculture, mother, vehicles, inherited property and will earn education with the help of money or can earn money from education. Normally such natal is kind hearted and speak truth.

But malefic effects will negate above mentioned and if second lord in fourth house is in debli sign indicates loss in property. If Saturn is also involved with this, natal may suffer due to theft.

Second Lord in fifth house:

Second Lord in trine, good dhan yog (Yog related to money), for children 5th to 10th house is in house, good for children, they will achieve good position. Good for speculation, share market trading, lottery etc. earnings from govt. and temples etc.

If related with 8th, 12th house then loss and connectivity related to Ketu gives sudden bankruptcy.

Second Lord in sixth house:

If good relation, then can earn from Medical field, Law related field, enemies and opponents (tournaments and sports etc.), by selling illegal materials and race etc.

But malefic relations will give losses from above. Or can earn money from cheating etc.

Since 6th house is part of Upchay houses, so can give benefit also, hence Katrkatva may increase.

Second Lord in seventh house:

Shubh, then income from foreign land or to foreign country, business may be related to export import etc.

Malefic- Marak goes to Marak bhav. Second Lord in sixth house from its position means in seventh house from ascendant, expenses on spouse or on partner(s). Possibility of second marriage.

Second Lord in eighth house:

Finance goes to seventh house from its position, will aspect its own house and increase its Karkatva or Money etc. Natal may not be in a position to enjoy money or assets etc. Natal will get Inherited property. Regarding elder sibling- neither will get benefit from him nor he will be benefitted from natal.

Second Lord in Ninth house:

Generally is considered as auspicious – Dhan (money) yog. Although, second lord is in eighth house from its own house, so cannot (if malefic relation) give benefit or advantage.

Possibility of money/assets from father. Malefic effect- relationship with father may be spoiled.

Natal will have Future intuition and religious nature. Either will earn from father or will give money to father.

Second lord in tenth house:

Second lord in ninth house from its own house. Natal will be learned person, earn honour, RajYog and enjoy authority. Natal will earn money, good business, profession.

Natal will be in the position to create job opportunity for others.

Malefic connections or aspect will spoil situation.

Saturn, Mars and Sun are considered as a good.

Second lord in eleventh house:

Second lord connected with eleventh house is considered as a good combination. Eleventh house expands karkatva of second lord. Good position for money and gains. Connectivity with trine or centre, then it’s a very good position.

Malefic connections, habits will be spoiled, such as eating habits and language etc.

Second lord in twelfth house:

Natal will collect money from religious activities, or can be respectable govt. officer. Natal may earn from foreign country or from hospital also.

If this connection is afflicted – waste of money or poor financial status.

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  1. harsh says:

    my dob is 16/12/1989 9:35 am new delhi
    I have completed engineering in2011 but ynemployed since then. have to repay education loan. please help !when i will get the job and in field should i go.

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    • Name : Harsh
      Date of Birth : 16-12-1989
      Time of Birth : 09:35 Hrs (IST)
      Place of Birth : New Delhi (India)
      Query : I have completed engineering in2011 but ynemployed since then. have to repay education loan. please help !when i will get the job and in field should i go.

      According to Vedic astrology, my observations are as follows:
      1. Capricorn ascendant and lord Saturn is placed in the house of expenses, foreign lands etc. conjunct with the lord of fortune house and Newly entered Sun, lord of house of miseries and longevity. Indicating expenses will be high or may move or connected with foreign lands. Ascendant is occupied by Venus, lord of house of education (trine) and lord of profession. Both are forming Rajyog, indications are that 17-10-2014, your period will start and I feel you will be doing well in your career and other fields.
      2. Currently you are passing through Mahadasha of Ketu placed in the house of spouse (sukshma house of profession) but conjunct with Moon, lord of the house, so confusion is possible, but Anterdasha lord is Mercury, lord of fortune and service, placed in the house of foreign lands. You may get job, connectivity may be with foreign lands. My suggestion is join a job for the time being, but after 17-10-2014, you will get job according to your education and your period will start.
      Give Roti to dog.
      Please like my Facebook page @

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  2. Shama says:

    Dear Sir, Following are the placements of my planets :

    Aquarius lagna

    Sir is prosperity indicated after my marriage ?

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  3. Thanks a lot for the post.Much thanks again.
    Want more.

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  4. Poyi says:

    With second house’s lord in 3rd. My sister helped me a lot for my education and she supported me to learn the skill for living and in fact my birth was due to my sister requested to have a sister. She is the most vital person to my destiny.

    Health is my interest so as my career which I enjoy that also allows me to earn steady income. But the interesting part is the Venus in fall. I think this exchange/share of rulership representing close relationship between the 2nd and 3rd and siblings play an important role in my being.

    Venus in 2nd house her home and Mercury in 3rd also his own home.

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    • bhargavanoop says:

      According to vedic chart leo is your ascendant. So, 3rd Lord is in 2nd house and 2nd Lord Merc. is in 4th house, in Rahu-Ketu axis.
      3rd Lord Venus is with Mars4th Lord.
      There is exchange of 2nd and 4th Lord.
      Exalted Saturn in 3rd house has increased significant of the house. You got benefit from your sister. Asc. Lord in 3rd house with Saturn.
      But your third house is in Paapkartari (Both side natural malefic planets are placed. So, no. of other significant are spoiled.
      You will solve this mystery of astrology. Be patient.

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      • Poyi says:

        what a waste then lol spoiled by natural malefic. But somehow I believe life should be better later in life due to study of periods/cycle in Chinese occults.

        Would the effect of natural malefic influence me more during earlier life and depending on the cycles for later part of life?

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  5. Poyi says:

    Hi Anoop

    I would to know, in Vedic do you also consider mutual reception? Venus in Virgo is ruled by Mercury, Mercury in 3rd house Libra and Venus rules Libra.

    Thank you.

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    • bhargavanoop says:

      Exchange of planets is always considered as an important event in any chart. We have to see deeply, in your chart according to Vedic exchange is in between 2nd and 4th Lord.

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